Ever used a recipe and found that you took twice as long to cook it compared to the suggested time?

Ever used a recipe and found your finished product doesn’t look as appetizing as the SLR recipe photos?

Ever used a recipe where they use one ingredient that normal kitchens just don’t have?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above we understand.

How abcooks Started

abcooks was started by two everyday household cooks who have come across good, bad, easy, difficulty, tasty and gross recipes.  Our aim is to share everyday recipe experiences with the aid of our digicams andiphone photos.

Meet the Cooks


  1. Favourite cuisine? Malaysian
  2. Meat/Seafood/Vegetarian? Seafood
  3. Any food allergies? No
  4. Cooking/BakingBaking.  Put it in the oven and voilà.  Something nice usually comes out.
  5. Strangest thing you’ve eaten? Snake cooked in a hot pot.  Very chewy
  6. Cooking Motto? Chilli sauce can save any dish


  1. Cooking utensil you could not live without – My trusty old measuring spoon and cups. I’m someone when the recipe says 450gm I would never dare use 500gm. So my measuring utensils are essential.
  2. Worst cooking habit – I don’t clean up as I cook so it looks like a war zone after cooking
  3. Signature dish – Lor-Bak. A Chinese marinated pork mince deep fried in thin soybean sheets. Fried-yummylicious goodness
  4. Hot food/Cold food? – Hot food
  5. Favourite meal of the day – Brunch, because its neither here not there so I get the best of both worlds.  I can either indulge on a burger or just have a nice pancake
  6. Sweet/Savoury? Sweet
  7. Taste or appearance of a dishTaste
  8. Comfort food – Pork Congee
  9. Favourite cuisine to cook – Asian
  10. Worst kitchen experience – I once left oil for far too long on the stove top and it caught fire!

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